Project Parkinson is a wellness program through dance, aimed at people suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Project Parkinson is also the Chapter Venezuela of the International Program "Dance for PD" www.danceforpd.org. Program that works in 24 countries and benefits more than 250 Parkinson communities in the world.


Project Parkinson, founded and directed by Trina Frometa, is a pioneering program in Venezuela for the attention of the Parkinson community, from the perspective of the Dance.

The Venezuelan Parkinson's Community does not escape from the deep socio-economic crisis that the country is going through. Today, it is a neglected community, without specialized care or guarantee of treatment. 1% of the Venezuelan population suffer from Parkinson's, which totals more than 3000 socially invisible Venezuelans, unable to leave their homes, waiting for death to visit them.

Project Parkinson arrived to grant hope, faith and life to the Parkinson community of Venezuela.


In addition to the programming of Dance Classes for Parkinson's, the Project deals with the organization of support groups, talks, alternative therapies, donation of medicines and recreational activities that help improve the quality of life of this population.

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