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Proyecto Movimiento: Founded in 1995, Proyecto Movimiento is committed to creating new artistic narratives linked to the performing arts.
The vision of the founder and current director, Trina Frometa, is to develop and strengthen the creative and interpretive potential of  young Venezuelan talent.
Renowned in Venezuela, Proyecto Movimiento's artistic and cultural activities have also enjoyed international tours, including countries such as Dominican Republic, Cuba, Germany, England, India, USA, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Belarus, Madrid, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Portugal and recently Salzburg and Vienna.
With sustained support from well known institutions such as the International Association of Art Theatre based in Lingen, Germany, Dance United in London, Tanz Tangente in Berlin, and Kalidoscope in United States., Proyecto Movimiento is at the forefront of professional contemporary dance, teaching the performing arts to youth and children, both in Venezuela and world wide.

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