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Taller D’ Movimientos:  Convinced of the potential of young people to achieve high performance and technical levels in  dance, Trina Frometa founded a training center called Taller D’ Movimientos Dance Center in 1995,  which her  professional contemporary dance company Proyecto Movimiento follows today.
Taller D’ Movimientos dancers complement their contemporary dance training  with classical ballet, choreographic composition, acrobatics, voice training and music for dancers.
The resulting technical virtuosity formed a model for core training programs in the Dance Center. 
As a creative contemporary dance teacher for children, Trina Frometa received important support from internationally acclaimed pioneering dancers such as American teacher Ann Green Gilbert, and German teachers Leonore Ickstadt and Sasha Waltz. She participated as a teacher in the community social project Dance United in London, as well as assistant choreographer for the educational project Rhythm is it in Berlin, led by the renowned Conductor Sir Simon Rattle.
Taller D’ Movimientos Dance Center has evolved a contemporary style, entirely its own, of  natural, authentic Venezuelan character
Since its foundation in 1995, Taller D’ Movimientos Dance Center, has been sponsored by the Venezuelan Ministry of Culture, the Metropolitan Mayor of Venezuela, and numerous private sponsors.

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