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Rhythm is it 

It is a Pedagogical Project created by the Berlin Philharmonic and led by Maestro Simón Rattle, which aims to bring children and young people to classical music through the Creative - Contemporary Dance. Rhythm Is It is aimed at students of the Public Schools of Berlin. Today it is a widespread program throughout Germany.

Trina Frómeta was invited by the English Institute Dance United and the Berlin Philharmonic to participate as an assistant choreographer for the production of “The Right of Spring,” a version created by the recognized English choreographer Royston Maldoom for the pedagogical project Rhythm Is It. On her return to Venezuela, she reinvented this project for contemporary Venezuelan society with the title “Escuelas en Movimientos.”

CHOREOGRAPHY: Royston Maldoom.


DANCERS: 250 students from public schools in the city of Berlin.

MUSIC: Original by Igor Stravinsky performed by the Berlin Philharmonic, directed by Maestro Simon Rattle.

PREMIERE: Berlin 2004.

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