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The Academy

A Social Project created by the English institution Dance United, it is dedicated to the rehabilitation of low-risk juvenile offenders through a comprehensive dance program.

The participants of the program go to the headquarters of the Academy, located in Bradford (England). To fulfill their sentence assigned by law, they must complete classes such as: Contemporary Dance, Creation and Composition Choreography, Functional Training, Nutrition, Manners, Computing, Discipline, Presentations and Forum of their choreographic skills, among others. Fulfilling his sentence through the Dance, the participant certifies his rehabilitation, social insertion and full freedom.

During the first half of 2008 Trina Frómeta was invited by Dance United to be a special guest teacher and to choreograph a dance with a group of 10 young people in the program.

This audiovisual material is a small excerpt from the documentary made by Dan Williams and Andrew Coggins.

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