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Parkinson Project started in Caracas, Venezuela thanks to the initiative and the economic contribution of the Subud International Cultural Association (SICA). It is a wellness program aimed at helping people suffering from Parkinson's disease through the vehicle of dance. Parkinson Project is under the umbrella of the international program Dance for PD that includes support groups, talks, alternative therapies, donation of medicines and recreational activities that help improve the quality of life of this population.

Parkinson Project is first of its kind in Venezuela, and in particular there has not been a program that addresses the Parkinson community from the perspective of Dance, which is why Parkinson Project owes SICA its introduction in Venezuela. Through this initial support, SICA is demonstrating that its Mission is not only limited to the support of the Arts for the Arts sake. Instead SICA goes a step further by favoring programs focused on the healing powers of Art in creating an oasis of emotional and spiritual expression.

Parkinson Project is a small but important step in favor of this community that aims to give hope, faith and life to Parkinson's patients. For this reason, the financial contribution from SICA is greatly appreciated, and we continue to receive benefits for the stability, development and continuity of the Parkinson Project in Venezuela.

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